Making the love of detail tangible

The handcrafted tables of the SWIFURN furniture manufacturer impress with their timeless design, enormous durability and materials of the highest quality. Genuine craftsmanship gives the most diverse types of wood the perfect finish.

Whether walnut, plum or wild apple - each table is as individual as the people who gather around it. Various hand-finished surfaces make the individual pieces robust and durable - paired with optical and tactile finesse.

Freely selectable length and width dimensions ensure perfect integration of the tables into your own living or business environment.

The material wood is not only an attractive eye-catcher in any environment, but also combines naturalness with a warm atmosphere.


A tree gives life. It is constant. He grants life, but his own remains undiminished.

© Anishinabe, North American Indian tribe from the Algonkin Group

All this is swifurn...

The finest woods

Choose from quality woods such as apple, oak, walnut, service tree, elm, plum or pear.

Finished surfaces

Hand-finished available in oiled, brushed or lacquered, according to your wishes in high-quality workmanship.

Individual racks

Depending on your taste, we can supply your desired frame in wood, stainless steel, Corten steel or powder-coated. We are also happy to manufacture an individual frame for you.

Variable sizes

We manufacture models from 120-300 cm length and 60-130 cm width. Special sizes are available on request.