Craft as art

The carpentry tradition of the Huber family goes back to the early 1930s. In addition to craftsmanship, the sense for aesthetics and the awareness for the special material wood developed steadily over the generations. Harald Huber already developed a fine feeling for high-quality materials and their perfect workmanship and tasteful combination in the workshop of his father and grandfather.

Since then, the master carpenter and company founder of SWIFURN Möbelmanufaktur has been combining modern design with the finest wood processing and producing tables from the finest woods for particularly high demands.

In times of far-reaching communication, digitalisation and the associated fast pace of life, people are looking for something special and individual - also furniture in manufactory quality or unique pieces made of natural materials.

In addition to kitchens, the focus is above all on tables: they are the centre of the new living world, where people come together to talk face to face or to eat and celebrate together. That's why we offer individually manufactured tables that stand for TOP quality, durability, nature and tradition.



Making the love of detail tangible

The handmade tables of the SWIFURN furniture manufacturer impress with their timeless design, enormous longevity and materials of the highest quality. Genuine craftsmanship gives the most diverse types of wood the perfect finish. Whether walnut, plum or wild apple - each table is as individual as the people who gather around it.

Various hand-finished surfaces make the individual pieces robust and durable - paired with optical and haptic finesse. Freely selectable length and width dimensions ensure perfect integration of the tables into your own living or business environment. The material wood is not only an attractive eye-catcher in any environment, but also combines naturalness with a warm atmosphere.

Our original SWIFURN edge is protected by design and industrial design.