For me, nothing is more an image of the world and of life than the tree.
Before it I would think daily, before it and about it....

Christian Morgenstern (1871 - 1914), German writer, dramaturge, journalist and translator

Finest Woods

For our tables we use only the finest and noblest woods. Each table we make is made from the same log.

During production, the width and thickness of the wood is cut open, cut down and glued back in width. This results in a harmonious picture. With us you receive careful manual work, no mass and industrial commodity, which falls back gladly on equal width glued and randomly sorted lamellas of different wood trunks.

We process all known types of wood except tropical woods.


We can offer the following particularly exclusive woods for the manufacture of your table:


Apple steamed


Oak steamed rustic

Smoked Oak

Marble Beech

Pearwood steamed

Walnut steamed

Wild Alsberry steamed


Wild Apple


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